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Along with providing insurance services, we also provide resources for disaster restoration professionals that you may need† if you ever have any water or fire damage in your home or other property. Also, we have provided some tips to prevent disasters and what do after you have† a disaster such as fire damage, water damage, or an auto accident.

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Text Box: Fire Restoration Tips
-  Open windows for ventilation.
-  Make sure pets are in a clean environment. 
-  Board up roof, windows, and other openings. 
-  Turn off the HVAC system to contain the soot residue.

-   Donít wash fire residue from any absorbent surface (i.e. walls and ceilings).
-  Donít use fire damaged furniture.
-  Donít use any canned foods or medications that have been exposed to heat. 
-  Donít use electrical appliances until they have been properly cleaned. 
Text Box: Auto Accident Tips
If you are ever involved in an automobile accident, follow the steps below:
1.  Remain calm.
2.  Check to ensure that you and your passengers  are ok .
3.  Contact the police.
4.  Contact your insurance company to report the claim.
5.  Donít discuss the  accident with anyone except the police and your claims representative. 
6.  Exchange vital information with any other drivers involved in the accident. 
Text Box: Water Restoration Tips
-  Locate the leaking water source and   attempt to stop it or call a professional. 
-  Turn off all electrical appliances.
-  Remove furniture from wet areas.
-  Mop up any excess water if possible.
-  Open drawers and cabinets to help ventilate.
-  Avoid sagging ceilings.

-  Donít turn on ceiling fixtures or appliances.
-  Donít leave any paper materials (i.e. books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) on wet areas.
-  Donít use an electrical heater to dry wet carpets. 
 -  Donít use a household vacuum to mop up any water.
 -  Donít set the heater above 68 degrees as it can cause mildew to form.